One of the best feelings in the world is seeing friends and family open a thoughtful gift. Especially one that you specifically created or designed for them. You have an idea for the perfect gift that says “I love you,” “I appreciate you,” “you matter in my life,” but you want it to be perfect. That’s where engraving comes in! Here are some great occasions to get that special someone the perfect engraved gift:

When to Personalize A Gift 1

Milestone Birthdays: Birthdays are awesome already, but a milestone birthday calls for even more celebration. Whether that special someone is turning 21 or 50, a custom engraved gift provides the extra-touch you’ve been looking for.

Job Promotion: Nothing says “Congratulations!” like a personalized portfolio for a notebook, a pen with their name engraved, a tumbler with their favorite saying, and more! Moving up in a career is big news and it’s great to showcase that.

When to Personalize A Gift 2
When to Personalize A Gift 3

A Graduation: Whether from high school or from college/university graduation is an accomplishment that should be celebrated. It means new and exciting paths in life, so give them a personalized item to show them how proud you are of them.

The Birth of a Little One: When a new baby is born, nothing is more special than seeing something personalized for them. It could be a frame with their first picture in it or a plaque for their nursery. Babies grow fast so it’s nice to highlight just how little they were when they first entered this world. It’ll also be something they can hold onto as they become adults and have children of their own.

When to Personalize A Gift 4
Pet Tag

Getting A New Pet: While animals don’t care what tags hang around their collars (unless the jingle catches them off guard), it can be fun for dog and cat owners to design a special tag for their furry friend. Plus, it is an added safety measure in case they ever get loose.

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